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A facelift is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery performed today. When done properly, it’s a very effective way to restore a youthful look and improve skin quality. When it comes to getting a facelift, not all results are equal. The best results are usually achieved by surgeons with a great deal of skill and experience with the procedure.

Below are 5 secrets to a great result.

  • 1. A significant reduction in deep lines and wrinkles

    By stretching the skin and using micro injections, it’s possible to significantly reduce the deep lines and wrinkles in a patient’s face during a facelift procedure. This will help to restore a much more youthful look overall.

  • 2. Good volume in key areas

    Sometimes when a facelift is performed, there can be loss of volume in areas such as those around the eyes and cheeks. This is easily corrected through the use of fat injections. Using fat injections will not only help to restore fullness to key areas but will also ensure the skin is smooth and wrinkle-free.

  • 3. A naturally youthful look

    Although the purpose of a facelift is to help smooth out wrinkles and get rid of sagging skin to provide a youthful look; the final results should as natural-looking as possible. A skilled plastic surgeon will ensure that the results of your surgery look completely natural.

  • 4. Better skin quality

    A key benefit of getting a facelift is that it will not only help to reduce lines and wrinkles but will also help to improve the quality of your skin by tightening it and therefore reducing the appearance of loose skin in problem areas, such as around the neck and mouth.

  • 5. A good candidate for surgery

    When thinking about the secrets to a great result with a facelift, it’s easy to focus on the skills and experience of the surgeon but just as important for a good result is the right candidate. The truth is that not everyone is an ideal candidate for a facelift. In order to quality as a suitable candidate you should be free of any serious medical conditions that could affect your ability to recover and also be in general good health and not excessively overweight. A good surgeon will always do a full assessment to determine who is a good candidate and who is not.