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A facelift is not only one of the most effective ways to combat the common signs of aging on the face, it is also one of the most popular.  Patients come to Dr Constantine when they have tried minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers, and are now looking for longer lasting effects.

Facelifts are popular with both men and woman and there is no set age of profile for the surgery.  That said, a Facelift is an entirely personal procedure and a skilled surgeon will be able to turn back the clock and leave your skin looking youthful and more vibrant.

If you are considering undergoing facelift surgery, you should speak to your surgeon in the first instance to ensure that this type of procedure is really right for you.

Consider the following in order to decide whether facelift surgery is right for you at this time:

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    A facelift will help to make you look younger, and tighten your profile but it will not necessarily change any other aspects of your facial features.  Your surgeon will discuss your goals at your initial consultation to give you a realistic picture of how a facelift will change the way you look.
  2. Are you a good candidate for a facelift?
    As long as you are otherwise in good health, patients of all ages make excellent candidates for this type of surgical procedures. There is currently a trend for younger patients to do smaller procedures at earlier ages and maintain the appearance, while older patients may opt for more drastic surgery later in life.
  3. Are you prepared for the recovery process
    Following a facelift, nobody removes their bandages and sees the results immediately.  It can take up to 12 months for your face to fully heal and settle.  At the very least, you will need to allow for around 14 days downtime where your skin will feel swollen and bruised, and you may not want to be seen in public.  As long as you have the infrastructure around you to allow you the time to rest up and heal, the recovery process in itself is straightforward enough.
  4. Your facelift wont last forever
    With an average life expectancy of 10 years, your facelift will not last forever.  As time goes on you can expect the results to change with your skin.   Factors such as age at time of surgery, skin elasticity, skin quality, weight gain or loss and genetics can all effect the longevity of your facelift.
  5. Choosing the right surgeon is vital for a successful outcome
    Finding a surgeon who is experienced, highly skilled and that you feel you can trust is just about the most important element of any aesthetic surgery procedure.

Dr. Constantine has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of surgical excellence.  From his coveted residency spot in the highly competitive department of plastic surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX, to his Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the renowned Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital in New York City he is one of the most skilled surgeons you could ever wish to meet.

Having also written numerous papers and book chapters on many aspects of plastic surgery, he will be able to share his knowledge with you as he helps his patients to establish realistic expectations, to ensure they are thrilled with the end results.  If he doesn’t think that you are a good candidate for a facelift, he will discuss alternatives with you at your consultation.