• One of the first signs of aging is often sagging of the cheeks and the surrounding area. A mid-face lift addresses this directly and can help to restore a naturally youthful appearance.

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    Mid-face lifts are performed by making small incisions around the hairline and ear in order to lift the cheeks and give fullness to the eyes and as well as the cheeks themselves. Whilst there are many ways to restore a youthful appearance to the face, a mid-face lift is one of the most effective.

  • Dr Constantine’s Philosophy on Mid-face Lifts34

    My philosophy on mid-face lifts is to achieve the most natural looking results possible. I always sit down with my patients prior to the procedure to discuss exactly what the procedure entails and find out what their ideal result is. This enables me to individualize my approach and achieve the best results possible.

  • What are the Advantages of a Mid-face Lift?

    Mid-face lifts comes with some key advantages when compared to alternative treatments. The results are more permanent that those given by injectables and the recovery time is quicker when compared to a traditional face lift. Recovery time and length of results are always something that patients are concerned with so these are both big plus points of a mid-face lift.

  • Am I a Good Candidate?

    Because mid-face lift procedures are highly individualized, it’s important to know whether you’re a good candidate. Ideal candidates for a mid-face lift are those who have heaviness underneath their cheeks, have no existing medical conditions that will impede the healing process and have a realistic and healthy expectation of the results that can be achieved.

  • If you’re considering have a mid-face left procedure then you’ll doubtless have questions that you you’d like answered before you make a commitment.

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