• Over time, the brow area of the face can drop and start to obscure a person’s eyes. The primary purpose of a brow lift is to restore a naturally youthful appearance by reducing any wrinkles on the forehead and making the eyes more visible.

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    The brow is an incredibly important part of the face since it can drastically affect the appearance of the eyes. A brow lift, when performed properly, will result in a more youthful appearance and will make the eyes more visible without giving the patient a surprised look.

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    Dr Constantine’s Philosophy on Brow lifts

    I believe that cosmetic surgery should be a combination of art and science. I also believe in taking a highly personalized approach with every patient I treat. For brow lifts, not every patient will have the same desires so it’s always a part of my treatment to sit down with patients and find out exactly what results they’re looking for so I can tailor my approach accordingly.

  • What Results Can I Expect?

    You will see the final results of the procedure between 1-2 months. This is when all the swelling and bruising will have completely subsided. Whilst a brow lift does not halt the aging process, it does typically give long-lasting results of approximately 10 years.

  • Am I a Suitable Candidate?

    The two most important things that make a person suitable for a brow lift procedure are a. not having any pre-existing medical conditions that might impede the healing process, and b. having a healthy and realistic attitude when it comes to the results that can be achieved.

  • Before committing to a procedure, it’s always important to have your questions answered and have the procedure explained to your properly.

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