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If you have been contemplating a surgical facelift, but were concerned about the price tag or risks of surgery, a combination of the above injectable treatments – also known as a “liquid facelift” – is a perfect option for you.

In general, the goal of using injectable products is to create natural-looking results without a stiff or “overdone” appearance. Busy women and men who want to achieve a younger, more refreshed and alert appearance without any downtime should consider a liquid facelift.

By relaxing the muscles in your face for a span of several months, it helps smooth out existing wrinkles, while also keeping new wrinkles from appearing.

Doctors have relied on Botox injections for many years to treat a wide range of medical conditions, such as eye and neck muscle spasms.


If you are concerned about a recovery process putting a dent in your lifestyle, a liquid facelift may be an excellent option for you as a less expensive and disruptive alternative to a surgical facelift. Injectable treatments are a “lunch-hour lift” that allow most people to resume their everyday activities immediately, including returning to work. Liquid facelifts are also much more budget-friendly than a surgical procedure, putting them within reach of anyone who wants to save money.


A surgical facelift provides permanent results by repositioning muscles, tightening the skin and removing excess skin. In comparison, a liquid facelift is not designed to be permanent. The paralysis effects of Botox will eventually wear off, and your body will re-absorb the bio-compatible fillers. However, the results are still long-lasting. Depending on the products used and the facial area you are getting treated, a liquid facelift will typically last from one to two years. Many people opt to get periodic touch-up treatments to refresh their look over time.


Patients seeking the following results are excellent candidates for a liquid facelift: 

  • Reduced wrinkles, creases, folds and fine lines
  • Gentle, natural-looking lift of sagging facial features such as jowls, eyelids and the corners of your mouth
  • Smoother, fuller, better-defined lips
  • Added volume to sunken cheeks, temples and the backs of your hands
  • Restoration of natural facial contours


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Quick Facts About Liquid Facelifts


A liquid facelift is an in-office procedure you can get on your lunch break and return to work immediately afterward.


Most patients tolerate liquid facelifts extremely well. Side effects include mild swelling, bruising and redness around the injection sites.

Dr. Fadi Constantine

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