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PRP for Hair Rejuvenation

Restore your hairline and stop hair loss with PRP

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With platelet rich plasma our team can help you regain and regrow lost hair. Thinking about your hair? Contact our team to learn all your options.

How much does PRP hair restoration cost?

The First treatment is $2,000 this includes:

  • One month supply of vitamins for hair loss
  • Revitalash Shampoo/ Conditioner
  • Hair Thickening Foam.

Treatments – $1200.00 Per Treatment
Typical patient will perform 2-6 treatments
We offer specials on packages.

How long does it take? How many sessions? 

This depends on each patient and how well they respond. Typically it takes between 2-6 treatments.

Any before and after photos?

Because of HIPAA and patient privacy issues we only review case photos here at the office. Schedule your consultation to learn all your options.

What technology do you use for PRP?

We use the PROGEN PRP System -It is the most advanced system on the market to harvest plasma. 

Is it safe? How long will it take to see results? 

This is a very safe procedure, the hair grows in cycles therefore patients will typically see results between 4-6 treatments.

What is the whole process like start to finish?

The procedure takes over one hour to perform. 

When patients come in they sign a consent, review the procedure with our team, take photographs, prep the areas to be injected and apply the topical numbing gel.

We draw your blood and prep it in the Progen PRP system.

We use the SkinPen® Precision system to microneedle the scalp first then inject the PRP. The SkinPen® Precision system aerates the area and helps to create a better result.

Who is this procedure for?

This procedure is advantageous for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss, male or female hair loss and baldness. Patients are screened thoroughly including lab work to make sure they are a good candidate for the procedure.

“Hello Doc, I am fine! The nurses in recovery were so caring and so was the staff in the O.R I’m a little bit nauseated and dire but other than that all is well , I’m at home intact !I thank you so very much for allowing me to be your patient and all your care and advise regarding the procedure .

I can already tell that you will be wonderful in your own practice and an asset to your field. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Dr. Fadi Constantine

Trained at some of the most rigorous
programs in the country, Dr. Constantine loves to perform the most delicate and demanding plastic surgery procedures. Our team is known for natural results without an “operated” look.

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