• A lot of women have breasts that they feel are unnaturally large for their body type and as a result feel very self-conscious. Breast reduction surgery tackles this issue and reduces the size of the breasts to make them in proportion with the rest of the body

  • Breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective way to reduce the size of a patient’s breasts. Although women often want to have their breasts reduced for aesthetic reasons, it can also be due to the discomfort that large, heavy breasts cause. Problems such as back pain, shoulder pain and posture problems can all be greatly alleviated with breast reduction surgery.

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    Dr Constantine’s Philosophy on Breast Reduction

    I believe it’s always important to take a highly personalized approach with any type of breast surgery. Each patient has a unique body composition and therefore I always to take this into account when deciding on the most suitable technique.

  • Am I a Suitable Candidate

    The most suitable candidates for breast reduction surgery are women whose breasts are fully developed and are enlarged i.e. a size D or larger. Other factors that make suitable candidates are being completely free of any medical conditions that might impede the healing process and also being a non-smoker.

  • Results

    The results of breast reduction surgery are immediately apparent and are permanent. With that being said, factors such as age, lifestyle and weight fluctuations will all impact the overall appearance of your breasts so it’s always recommended that you lead a healthy lifestyle for the best, most long lasting results.


    The patient presented is a 36 year old who has had children and gained a bit of weight afterwards. She was wanting to get her pre pregnancy body back. She also suffered from having large breasts. She was a 38I cup size and suffered from significant neck, back, and should pain.

    She underwent a traditional breast reduction with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction of her flanks and abdomen all in same operation. She was required to stay overnight for observation and was back at home the following morning. The post operative pictures are shown.

    Great Result in a Breast Reduction

    Breast Reduction Before and After Results

    Breast Reduction at Constantine Plastic Surgery Center

  • If you’re considering breast reduction surgery then the first step is to book a consultation with Dr Constantine. This is where you’ll be fully assessed so that the best type of procedure can be decided upon. You’ll also be able to have all your questions answered.

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