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Facelifts are an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery and directly tackle the major signs of aging on the face, such as loose skin and sagging jowls. As with other forms of cosmetic surgery, getting a good result with a facelift requires a lot of skill and experience on behalf of the surgeon.

Below are the 5 biggest secrets to a great facelift result.

  • 1. A natural look

    One of the biggest challenges of a facelift is to manipulate the skin in a way that reduces wrinkles but without leaving the patient with a stretched and unnatural appearance to their face. A good facelift will leave the patient with a more youthful, yet still natural looking appearance.

  • 2. A younger appearance

    The main reason that most people opt for a facelift is so they can look younger and eliminate the signs of aging. In a facelift, incisions are made so that the skin can be lift upwards to give your skin a firmer and more youthful look.

  • 3. Reduction of wrinkles

    Facelifts are especially effective for getting rid of deep wrinkles. This is because the skin is stretched and pulled upwards. Wrinkles are one of the biggest telltale signs of aging so being able to effectively get rid of them like this is one of the biggest keys to a good facelift result.

  • 4. Good volume in key areas

    A good amount of volume in key areas such as the mouth and cheeks is another big secret to a great result with a facelift. Volume isn’t always an issue depending on the patient and their skin. If more volume needs to be achieved then this can be done with dermal fillers.

  • 5. A good candidate for surgery

    When it comes to getting a great result with a facelift, it isn’t just down to the skill and experience of the surgeon. A person needs to be a good candidate for a facelift in the first place. A good candidate for a facelift is a person who wants to achieve a more youthful appearance, is free of any major health issues, isn’t excessively overweight and has realistic expectations.

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