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When performed for the right reasons, plastic surgery can make a vast difference to a patient’s life and help improve their confidence tremendously. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases where people seek out plastic surgery for the wrong reasons, easily becoming an obsession and what of an outlet for trying to fix other problems in their lives.

Below are some characteristics that make a patient an “ideal” plastic surgical candidate and are some guidelines to consider before seeking plastic surgery.

You must have realistic expectations

This is extremely important. The results that can be achieved through plastic surgery are dependant on a number of factors, such as the patient’s age, their body type and the elasticity of their skin. What is possible for one patient may not be for another. When consulting with your surgeon, he should be able to explain what results you can expect to achieve.

You must be healthy

Plastic surgery should only be performed on patients that are in good health. In order to qualify, you should not be excessively overweight, have conditions such as diabetes, or have bad habits such as smoking. If you’re unhealthy, the risk of complications is increased and negative side effects can be worsened.

Any reputable surgeon will have patient safety as their number one priority. If you’re not healthy enough for elective plastic surgery, please don’t go to someone who will operate on you regardless of your health, this will only lead to complications, unfixable problems, and ultimately lost of regret.

You shouldn’t be making the decision in the midst of a crisis

When suffering from a lot of stress it can be tempting to find an easy solution to relieve it. This might be in the form of taking drugs and alcohol, or for some people – looking to get plastic surgery.

It’s never a good idea to make the decision to get plastic surgery in the middle of a life crisis. If you’re under a lot of stress, whether it’s due to losing your job or getting a divorce – your decision-making skills are certainly going to be compromised.

You should be free of psychiatric problems

If you’re suffering from psychiatric problems, such as depression, schizophrenia or body dysmorphic disorder, getting plastic surgery is not recommended. Those who have been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder are at particular risk of letting plastic surgery become an obsession and going way too far with it.

A conscientious surgeon will always sit down and speak with you to find out if you have any existing psychiatric conditions that prevent you from being a good candidate for plastic surgery.

You should not put yourself under financial stress

Getting plastic surgery can be costly and while most clinics will offer the ability to pay in instalments, you should never put yourself under financial strain to get it. If you have a lot of debt or are struggling with money, you should wait until you are in a better position financially before seeking out plastic surgery. Remember, plastic surgery is a luxury not a necessity.