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It’s not unusual to be curious about how breast surgery actually works. Each type of surgery requires a different procedure. Below you’ll find an explanation for each of the main types of breast surgery

Breast lift

A breast lift is one of the most common forms of breast surgery and usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

Several cuts are made to the breasts so that the skin can be reshaped as needed. Skin is usually removed from around the areola and for under the breasts. The nipples will then be re-positioned to suit the new shape of your breasts.

If you require implants as part of your breast lift, then these will also be inserted at some point in the surgery to give your breasts shape. Any cuts will then be closed with stitches and your breasts will usually be wrapped in supportive dressing 

Breast augmentation

When breast implants are being fitted, the first step is for the surgeon to make an incision at the point where implants will be placed. There are different types of incisions, with the most common being inframammary fold. This is where the incision is made in the fold underneath the breast. This is usually desirable since the scars can be hidden well.

Once the incision has been made, your implants are then fitted. Implants can be positioned between your breast tissue and breast muscle or behind your chest muscle. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on the best placement.

One the implants are in place, the incisions will then be sealed and covered with dressing.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery begins with the nipples being moved to their position. If you have extremely large breasts then the nipples may be removed and used as a skin graft further into the surgery.

Skin and breast tissue are removed until the desirable size is achieved. The breast tissue is then reshaped to give your breasts a natural appearance. Breast reduction surgery can take from 90 minutes up to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the operation. Usually you’re required to stay in hospital for at least one night following the surgery.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is performed in one of two ways. This first is using implants. Implants can be made from either saline or silicone and your surgeon will be able to suggest which is best for you.

The second type of breast reconstruction surgery is where the patient’s own body tissue is used to construct the new breasts. This type of surgery is known as autogenous reconstruction. It takes longer to perform compared to using implants and also requires a longer hospital stay.  


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