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If you have extremely large breasts that make you feel uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, then you’re not alone. Although many women desire large breasts, there comes a point where the benefits are negated by the downsides.

If you’re considering breast reduction then below are 5 of the best reasons to get the surgery

  1. Your breasts are causing your physical discomfort
    Back pain is a very common complaint for women who have large breasts. Breasts are mostly made up of fat and very large breasts weigh a lot as a result. This extra weight can put a lot of strain on your back and result in many physical conditions that are uncomfortable and restrict your day-to-day activities. A breast reduction is an ideal way to eliminate this problem.
  2. Your breasts cause you to receive unwanted attention
    It’s very common for women with noticeably large breasts to receive unwanted attention from the opposite sex. Catcalling and inappropriate comments can be extremely agitating, especially when you’re just trying to go about your daily life. A breast reduction is again a perfect solution to this problem.
  3. Your clothing choices are restricted due to the size of your breasts
    Another problem that comes with having very large breasts is that your clothing choices can be severely restricted. This isn’t just because you have to buy clothes in larger sizes but if you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to your breasts, then you might avoid any right or revealing clothing to begin with.
  4. Your exercise choices are limited
    When you have large breasts, it can sometimes be uncomfortable to do even very mild exercise such as walking or jogging. Therefore more extreme forms of exercise are out of the question. When your breast size is reduced, it gives you much more freedom and mobility so you have much greater choice in the type of exercise you can do.
  5. To reduce skin irritation
    Skin irritation is a problem that often comes with having large breasts that many people are unaware of. A rash underneath the breasts is certainly not uncommon with women who have large breasts and although it’s possible to treat this through the use of creams and lotions, it’s not a permanent solution. A breast reduction can help to eliminate these types of skin complaints entirely.

Are you interested in getting breast reduction surgery?

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