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Breast augmentation surgery is something that thousands of women in the US choose to undergo every year. Breast augmentation can make you feel younger as well as improving your confidence significantly. Unfortunately there are a number of women who are unhappy with the results of their breast augmentation and very often this is because their new breasts are not symmetrical or don’t look natural.

Below are 5 secrets to achieving perfect symmetry and a natural result with breast augmentation surgery.

  1. 1. The right surgeon
    The right surgeon is vitally important when looking to achieve symmetry and natural results. Although any surgeon performing breast augmentation surgery must be properly trained and licensed to practice, this isn’t a guarantee of great results. Therefore you should be very discerning when choosing a breast augmentation surgeon and be sure that they’re board certified and have a lot of experience performing breast augmentation surgery.
  2. 2. The right patient
    The right patient is also important in order to achieve the best results. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery, for example women who are currently pregnant should never get a breast augmentation until after they’ve given birth and recovered. A good surgeon will only perform the surgery on suitable candidates.
  3. 3. The right type of implants
    There are now many kinds of implants to choose from – saline and silicone; textured and non-textured; teardrop and round etc. Although patient preference is of course important, the surgeon should always advise patients on what type of implants are best for what they want to achieve and for their particular body type.
  4. 4. The right size of implants
    Just as, if not more important than the type of implants, is the size. Choosing the right size of implants is particularly important for getting natural looking results. Many women simply want to have a decent sized chest but not to the extent that it turns heads wherever they go. If you’ve considered breast augmentation for some time then you probably have a good idea of what size implants you want already but you should always take your surgeon’s advice into account if you want to achieve the best results.
  5. 5. The right technique
    There is more than one way that a breast augmentation can be performed. Each surgeon has their own preference and may use different techniques for different patients depending on their desired results and body type. There isn’t necessarily one technique that’s better than another but a good surgeon will know what technique they’re most comfortable with and is most likely to lead to the best results.

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