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Motherhood is a 24/7 job, and the responsibilities of caring for your family may often seem both endless and thankless. From planning and cooking nutritious meals to shuttling the kids back and forth between extracurricular activities, most moms gladly juggle extra tasks to ensure their children and spouses are healthy, happy and loved.

After putting in all that hard work, many moms view taking time for themselves almost as an afterthought. When was the last time you did something just for you – not for your partner or children, but to reward yourself for all the little things you do to keep your household running smoothly?

Do You Deserve a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy and childbirth can be incredible experiences, but they can also alter your body in unflattering ways. Many women feel self-conscious and less sexually desirable after giving birth to a child, and even if you continued to live a healthy lifestyle during and after your pregnancy, you may still be struggling to lose your baby weight.

A mommy makeover can be an ideal way to set aside time for yourself and correct any undesirable changes one or more pregnancies have made to your body. This highly personalized series of cosmetic procedures combines surgeries such as a breast augmentation or lift with a tummy tuck, in addition to techniques like a liposuction, if you desire.

At Constantine Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Dr. Constantine can customize a mommy makeover to suit your goals and unique anatomy, allowing you to regain a more youthful appearance after undergoing the multiple physical and hormonal changes of carrying a child to full term.

By trusting the skilled hands of Dr. Constantine to help solve the most common post-pregnancy problem areas such as sagging breasts and excess abdominal fat, a mommy makeover can help restore your shape and self-confidence.

Here are five benefits you can expect when customizing your mommy makeover with Dr. Constantine.

  • 1. Fuller and Younger-Looking Breasts
    Hormonal and weight changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave breasts looking less defined than they were before you had children. Depending on the size of their breasts, some women also experience volume loss that causes breasts to look flattened.

    As part of your mommy makeover, Dr. Constantine can provide a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction to create fuller, more naturally contoured breasts. When performing breast surgery, Dr. Constantine can reshape, resize or reposition your breasts, areolas and nipples to help them look more like they did before your pregnancy. If you gained a significant amount of weight during your pregnancy, your enlarged breasts could even be limiting what activities you can do because they cause constant back, neck or shoulder pain. If this is the case for you, ask about a breast reduction.

  • 2. Firmer Abdominal Muscles
    Even women who have diligently followed a diet and exercise plan after delivering their babies might find they can’t regain a tight, toned midsection no matter what they do. Despite your best efforts to stick to a regimen of core exercises, the stress of carrying a baby can cause your abdominal muscles to become loose and separated, especially if you opted to deliver your child via a C-section.

    If you choose to ask Dr. Constantine to make a tummy tuck surgery part of your customized mommy makeover, the procedure, with or without liposuction, can help you achieve tighter abdominal muscles and a flatter belly, along with removing excess or overhanging skin and fatty tissue. This procedure is ideal for women who already follow an exercise regimen and healthy eating habits, but have struggled to regain supportive core muscles after pregnancy.

  • 3. Improved Self-Confidence and Sexuality
    A woman’s body is truly incredible – strong enough to grow and birth a whole new human being. However, after experiencing all the emotional and physical demands of motherhood, many women find it increasingly difficult to look in the mirror and appreciate what they see.

    If you are feeling insecure, fatigued, older than your true age or less sexually desirable, the results of a mommy makeover will help you feel like a more confident, youthful and sexy woman.

    Be honest with Dr. Constantine about everything you are hoping a mommy makeover will help change about your body. For example, some women struggle with vaginal laxity after pregnancy, and may even be experiencing sexual dysfunction. For those moms, ThermiVa radiofrequency treatment may be an ideal addition to a mommy makeover.

    Dr. Constantine can use his years of experience and training to offer you professional advice and recommendations about what procedures you can add on to your customizable mommy makeover, based on your body type and goals.

  • 4. Better-Fitting Clothing
    After wearing loose-fitting maternity clothes for so many months, most women understandably get excited about being able to wear their favorite jeans, dresses and shirts again. But often, the weight you gain during your pregnancy can be a major challenge to lose, especially around the belly, waist and hips.

    If you find yourself uncomfortable wearing certain clothing, or even reverting to those maternity clothes to hide flaws in your body, ask Dr. Constantine about the option of liposuction to help you get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that have resisted your attempts to diet and exercise.

  • 5. A Mommy Makeover Helps You Get Your Life Back
    Being a mom means making daily sacrifices for your family, but don’t overlook your well-being. A mommy makeover can help you feel more like the “old you,” and by restoring your self-esteem, you’ll feel happier and more inclined to take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

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