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Any woman that has been through a pregnancy knows that it can take a considerable toll on your body.  One of the most undesirable consequences of pregnancy is weight gain. Although breastfeeding, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can get you back down to your ideal weight, there are a variety unwanted consequences that pregnancy can cause, such as sagging abdominal skin and deflated breasts.

Mommy makeovers have become a very popular way to combat the unwanted side effects of pregnancy. A mommy makeover combines a tummy tuck with breast enhancement to help you regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

Who makes an ideal candidate?

Below are some of the key attributes of patients that qualify them as ideal candidates for a mommy makeover procedure:

  • You should have no more children planned – In order to undergo the surgeries included in a mommy makeover, it is very important that you don’t have any more children planned. A tummy tuck and breast enhancement are designed to be permanent surgeries, so having more children after you’ve had them done will negate any improvements made after the surgery.
  • You should be in good health –  It is always important that to be in good health when undergoing any surgery as this minimizes the risk of complications and side effects. With regard to tummy tucks, your BMI should not be above 30 (ideally less than 27) and you should also be free of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. It’s also critically important that you do not smoke.
  • You should be aware of the locations of the incisions and scarring – Almost all forms of cosmetic surgery leave a scar and with a tummy tuck and breast enhancement, the scars can be more than you expected. That being said, they can be hidden quite well, especially for a breast enlargement alone. It is very important that you discuss the locations of the proposed scars with your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation so there are no surprises afterward.
  • You should have realistic expectations – Having realistic expectations is extremely important when getting a mommy makeover. Your plastic surgeon will be able to discuss the procedures with you and let you know the type of results that someone with your body type and skin elasticity can expect.
  • You should have tried diet and exercise first – A mommy makeover procedure should not be viewed as a shortcut, nor something to undergo because you don’t want to eat right and exercise regularly. Before getting the procedures, you should always ensure that you’ve done everything you can to get yourself in the best shape possible.

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