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Beautiful and natural result of patient in her late 20’s. This patient was very concerned about looking too big, overdone, and obvious. Thus we tried to achieve a very natural appearing augmentation. We placed 240 cc silicone round gel implants under the muscle (Dual plane) through an infra-mammary incision. I feel we achieved a nice and natural result. We pride ourselves on results that are subtle and natural. The best outcomes are often a result of great communication and education between the doctor and the patient. We want to understand exactly what you want an the kind of result YOU desire.

Are you thinking about a breast augmentation? Contact our team today and we’ll give you some good advice and a range of options for breast augmentation. We aren’t high pressure and we are known for a relaxed and open style of communication. Dr. Constantine is fun, open, and ready to work together with you to achieve a result you want and you’ll be proud of. Let’s start our journey together.

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