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Breast augmentations are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed throughout the world. Although this procedure is so popular, there are still certain steps one should take to ensure a successful surgery with great results. In this article we will quickly explain the surgery is and explore five secrets are to having a great breast augmentation. These secrets will help you to choose a surgeon, plan for before and after your surgery, and more. Are you ready to learn the secrets to a great breast augmentation? Keep reading to learn more.

What is A Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that uses implants or transfers fat to increase the size of a patient’s breasts. This cosmetic surgery is so popular because it offers many different benefits for a patient’s unique needs. Many patients choose to have breast augmentations to increase the volume of their breasts after pregnancy or significant weight loss. This surgery can also help to give breasts a more rounded appearance and make them more symmetrical. Breast augmentations are also beneficial for reconstructive purposes, such as for patients that have had a mastectomy.

Whether you are looking to increase the fullness of your breasts, improve the natural proportions of your body, or help to improve your self image, a breast augmentation may be the cosmetic procedure to meet your desires. Once you have taken the first step of making the decision to have cosmetic surgery, there are a few other steps that you should take. Keep reading to learn the five secrets that will help you achieve a great breast augmentation, with results that will make you very happy.


For many, planning is half the fun of any new endeavor and a breast augmentation is no different. There are many different aspects that will need to be planned out during your experience. You will have to have a plan for finding the right surgeon, a plan for before and after surgery, and you will also need to have an idea of what size and type of implant you may want.

One of the most fun parts of planning for a breast augmentation is deciding what size you may want. This may also be the trickiest part. When considering the size of implant that you may want it is important to not think of cup size. This is because cup sizes are not universal and will usually vary depending on the bra manufacturer. Instead, doctors usually recommend bringing in an “inspiration photo.” This photo should be of someone that has a body type similar to yours, with a breast size that you would be happy with. Then the doctor can pick an implant size that will give you this desired result.

Another factor to plan is the type of implant you may want. You should research saline and silicone implants, so that when you do talk to your surgeon about your options you will already have some information about both. There are a few differences between the two types of implants and each have their pros and cons. For example, silicone is known to look and feel more like breast tissue and is therefore thought to appear more natural. You will also want to do research on the different incisions and placements of the implants. These differences can affect your healing process. Your doctor will help you decide which is best for you based on your body type and activity level.  Again, it will be helpful to have researched some of this information before coming into the office.

One of the hardest parts of planning for your breast augmentation is choosing your surgeon. Many people believe that if a surgeon gave their friend great results, then they will have great results too. Although this may be a good starting point, there are other factors that go into the process of choosing a surgeon, including their training and number of successful surgeries. When you meet with potential surgeons, consider their communication with you and your trust in them. It is recommended that you meet with a few surgeons before deciding on the “one.”


The best breast augmentations are performed by qualified and trained surgeons that also possess the artistic eye to provide patients with the results that they desire. When researching a surgeon is important to make sure that they have extensive experience performing breast augmentations, many years of training, and have completed the surgery successfully multiple times.

A quick way to see the amount of training a doctor has had is to make certain they are certified. Two certifications that are usually recommended when looking for a plastic surgeon are American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS) and/ or American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Although each certification has different requirements, each ensures that a surgeon is in good standing, has demonstrated competence, and stays up to date on the most innovative scientific findings.


Having good communication is an important factor for any relationship between a patient and doctor but is especially important when surgery is involved. When speaking with your doctor make sure that you feel heard and understood. If you feel that your surgeon is not listening to you, then they may not be the surgeon for you. Also, make sure that your communication styles match. For example, if you are humorous and friendly and the surgeon is drier, you may want to continue looking, not because you are looking for a good joke but because it is important that you and your surgeon communicate similarly and thus will likely understand each other.


When choosing a surgeon, you will want to have a level of trust in them as they will be performing a procedure on your body. Reading reviews from previous patient’s may help to raise your level of trust. Looking at before and after pictures may also be useful. When you choose a surgeon with extensive training and experience, that also instills a certain level of trust in patients. If something doesn’t feel right during your consultation, that may mean you do not trust your surgeon. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut.


Proper recovery is one of the biggest components to a successful breast augmentation. Your recovery process will depend on the size of your implant, skin elasticity, and overall health. Following your doctor’s instructions will help to give you the best results possible. Most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities within the first 7-10 days, excluding physical activity, i.e. working out and heavy lifting. Under doctor’s approval, most patients are able to return to physical activity after 2 weeks.

It is important to plan for your recovery. Taking the proper amount of time off from work and planning to have some help around the house will allow your body the rest it needs. You will also want to adopt a healthy diet, as this will aid in the recovery process.

Before surgery your surgeon will instruct you to quit smoking, this rule should still be followed while you are healing. Smoking greatly affects the recovery process. The nicotine found in cigarettes can affect the blood flow to the breast tissue, which can be harmful to your healing.

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