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Mommy makeovers are a very popular form of cosmetic surgery for women who’ve given birth and cannot shift the excess skin through diet and exercise. By combining a tummy tuck with breast surgery, it’s an ideal way to get rid of any loose skin as a result of pregnancy.

Dr Constantine recently performed a mommy makeover on a patient who wanted to get back her pre-pregnancy figure. You can view the videos here.


As you can see in the video, the patient is unhappy with the loose skin around her tummy as a result of giving birth. In her consultation with Dr Constantine, he explains the options that are available and finds out what size implants the patient desires.

Dr Constantine also explains about where the incision will be placed for the tummy tuck and what clothes to wear on the day of the surgery. He also makes the decision that liposuction is not needed in this particular case.

Day of Surgery

The first step on the day of the surgery is to place markings on the patient’s body where the incisions are going to be made and as a guide for the desired shape to be achieved. The anaesthesiologist then administers some pre-sedation to help relax the patient.

As she is prepared for general anaesthesia, Dr Constantine places more markers on the patient’s body. The first step is to place the breast implants. A small incision is made underneath each breast and sizers are used so the doctor can judge which size of implants to use. The real implants are then inserted into the breasts and the pockets are sutured.

Next is the tummy tuck. Dr Constantine first loosens an apron of skin to decide how much should be removed. ¾ of a pound of belly and skin fat is removed from the area and a new belly button is constructed. The incisions are then sutured and dressed.


The patient goes for a post-op follow up 2 weeks after the surgery. The dressings are removed from the incisions, which are already beginning to heal. The incisions are also gently cleansed.

For more information on mommy makeovers or to schedule a consultation with Dr Constantine, get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any of your questions.

Each follow up session is documented with photographs so the progress can be clearly tracked.

The final follow up takes place 6 weeks after surgery and as you can see in the video, the patient is extremely happy with the results and has a new-found confidence in her appearance.

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