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One of the biggest concerns people considering cosmetic plastic surgery have, is whether or not it is safe. Of course, there is no simple answer to this since the risk of complications will depend on the type of procedure performed, who is performing it, and the biological make up of the patient. All forms of surgery carry some risk, but these risks can be greatly reduced by taking certain precautions. Proper discussion and education of a patient in the pre-operative stage is the single most important aspect of preparing a patient for plastic surgery.

Precautions to take

Below are some of the best precautions

Always choose a reputable surgeon with plenty of experience –

The risk of complications rise drastically when the surgeon performing your surgery doesn’t have much (if any) experience performing the procedure under question. Therefore it is strongly advised that you do a lot of research and go to a reputable surgeon who comes highly recommended and is performs the type of procedure you want regularly.

Follow any pre/after care advice closely –

Regardless of the type of procedure you get, there will be specific instructions that your surgeon will tell you to ensure that best possible preparation and recovery. You should listen to their advice very carefully and ensure you do everything they tell you to in order to minimize the risk of complications.

Avoid the temptation to go abroad for your plastic surgery –

One of the biggest considerations prospective patients have is cost. This can, unfortunately, lead some people going abroad to a country where operations are performed at much lower prices. However, the risk often outweighs the reward. Most countries (especially those in Central and South America) do not have the same surgical standards as those in the United States. Most of these places rely on quantity and high volume as opposed to quality and attention to detail. This often leads to poor outcomes and inadequate care should a complication occur.

Find out what the risk of complications are for your procedure –

Because the complications and risks vary for each procedure, you should inquire what the exact risks are for any particular procedure. A well educated and informed patient always makes better decisions about undergoing cosmetic procedures. Everybody hates having complications, but should one occur, it is much better to have discussed the possibility of having one and how to fix the problem before hand. It infinitely more challenging for a patient to accept and recover from a complication if it has never been discussed before and is a complete surprise.