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If you’re planning to get a facelift then the most important decision you’ll make is the surgeon who’ll perform the surgery. Choosing the right surgeon can be the difference between getting a result you’re delighted with and wishing you’d never even considered surgery. With this in mind,

Below are 5 key things to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon for your facelift

  • 1. Certification

    One of the first things to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon is board-certification. Although board-certification is not a requirement to practice plastic surgery in the United States, if a surgeon is board-certified then you can be sure that they adhere to very high standards and have proven this to a board of their peers.

  • 2. A great track record with facelifts

    Another key thing to look for in a plastic surgeon is that they have a great track record of performing successful facelifts. Cosmetic surgery is a mixture of art and science, which means in order to get the best results, a surgeon must pay attention to aesthetics as well as the more technical aspects of performing a facelift. Be sure to check before and after pictures of patients of any surgeons you’re considering.

  • 3. Good facilities

    Although the skills and experience of the surgeon are important, you also want to be sure that their facilities are of a high standard. Safety is always a key concern with any form of surgery and this means that you want to be sure the facility you have your operation performed at has adequate support staff, a clean operating room and the necessary equipment to deal with emergencies.

  • 4. They’re easy to talk to

    This is extremely important. You’re putting a great deal of trust in the surgeon you choose to perform your facelift so you certainly want to feel completely comfortable talking to them about anything related to your surgery. A good surgeon will put you at ease and encourage any questions you might have about the procedure.

  • 5. Experience

    Performing a successful facelift requires a good deal of skill and experience. Every type of cosmetic surgery is different and therefore requires a different set of skills. In order to ensure the best results you should find a surgeon who specialises in performing facelifts.