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This is a great example of a natural looking and elegant breast augmentation. This young patient presented with small breast size and desired a fuller and more balanced appearance. She was very concerned with looking too big. We worked with her to get a much more shapely result without an over done or unnatural look. Always a challenge, this case is a good example of a natural appearing result without looking too large or projecting too far from the chest. She received silicone implants in the dual plane through an infra-mammary incision.

Are you considering a breast augmentation? Our team works with you and designs a solution specifically calculated to your skin, chest/breast measurements, and body type. Our team prides itself on listening to our patients’ about what they really want and delivering natural results. When you are ready, contact our team at Constantine Plastic Surgery for a thorough consultation. We are known for open and honest communication. We want you to know all your options and work with you to achieve the result you want. We take time with our patients and the results show!

Breast Aug

Breast Aug Quarter view

Breast Augmentation