Dr. Constantine Blog

Consultation –

First and foremost, set up an appointment with your doctor to determine whether ThermiVa is the right procedure for you.  Patients who are pregnant or experiencing a urinary tract infection should not begin ThermiVa.  Currently, there are alternative methods for vaginal rejuvenation on the market, however ThermiVa is praised as one of the best for its nonsurgical approach, immediate results, and lack of recovery time.  Anesthesia is not needed during ThermiVa and therefore patients are awake throughout the entire procedure.  During your consultation, your doctor will have to review you medical history and present health status.  Furthermore, you will be educated on the steps of the procedure, timeline, and schedule for your following appointments.

Treatment Appointments –

Typically there is a total of three treatment appointments, scheduled thirty days apart, for a grand total of three months.  Each appointment should take approximately 30 minutes in length.  The doctor will likely ask you to remove any vaginal hair the night before each treatment to ensure maximum results.  During each session, a gel primer is applied to your labia to protect your skin throughout the treatment.  Next, a thin, pen-like wand is gently rubbed over the outer labia and vulvar tissues in a circular motion in order to treat both the internal and external regions of the vagina.  The wand transmits a radio-frequency producing light amounts of heat to stimulate the vaginal muscles and produce collagen. The result will be similar to a vaginal facelift and you will begin to feel progress immediately.  Over the next few weeks you will continue to feel tight and stimulated down below.  Any feelings of urinary incontinence should also diminish.   Following the procedure, there is no recommendation for recovery time so patients may resume physical activities including sex right away.

Follow-Up Appointment –

After you have completed the three step treatment, doctors typically suggest a follow-up appointment once a year in order to maintain the desired outcome. Please keep in mind vaginal improvement will gradually increase from the moment of treatment and continue over the next several weeks.  Results from ThermiVa typically last anywhere from 9 months to a year.  If you experience a loss of progress, call your doctor to schedule a follow-up appointment as soon as possible.