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Rhinoplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery that’s used to change the shape of the nose in a number of ways. Rhinoplasty is often considered to be one of the most challenging forms of cosmetic surgery and in order to perform a rhinoplasty successfully, the surgeon must combine science and artistry.

The keys to a good result

The results of a rhinoplasty are dependent on the surgeon and any good surgeon knows that there are certain keys to a great result. These include –

  • 1. Meeting the patient’s expectations –
    Any person who is considering rhinoplasty will likely already have a decent idea of what it is they want to accomplish with the surgery. Typical things that people want to correct include the width of the bridge, the shape of the tip of the nose and the size and shape of the nostrils. A successful rhinoplasty should directly address any issues the patient is concerned about.
  • 2. Proper breathing function –
    Because rhinoplasty requires a combination of artistry and science, it’s important for surgeons to think not only about the way the nose will look but also its proper functioning. Many people who seek out rhinoplasty are doing so because they’ve suffered a nose injury and want to be able to breath easier while also correcting the appearance of their nose.
  • 3. A natural look –
    Although rhinoplasty is used to change the appearance of the nose, the changes made should still look natural and fit with the other features of the patient’s face.

Who can benefit?

You can benefit from rhinoplasty if –

  • 1. You’re unhappy with the shape or width of your nose
  • 2. You have suffered a nose injury which has impaired your breathing
  • 3. You’re unhappy with the shape of your nostrils, either because they’re too wide or too narrow

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