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It’s incredibly rewarding to hear back from a happy patient.

We wanted to share with you some of the great testimonials, letters, emails and notes our patients send in. Our practice is all about communication and creating a custom solution tailored to your individual needs. We’re trying to forge lifetime relationships with our patients. It’s all about YOU and our whole team is completely committed to your exceptional outcome. Let’s get started on your journey. Contact our team with the form below to explore all your options and get some great advice.


Just saying hi and thank you AGAIN! I’m so happy with the way I look!


Good morning Dr. C:

My hairdresser is coming in to see you for an initial appointment for a  facelift. Her name is ***********************  and she already has an appointment to see you. I told her about you and she loved the work you did on me. I also told her she has to see you before you go back to Texas so she was lucky enough to get an appointment ASAP.

I still get many compliments on my face, people who knew me before say “Wow” and those who do not cannot get over that I am 65 .  The best to you – I love your practice and if any of my female friends in Irving need a plastic surgeon I will recommend you!


You did a fabulous job on my face.  Everyone is commenting how great I look!

You did a fabulous job!  What I can’t figure out is why my face is clearer since the surgery?  My age spots have dissipated, did you do something? Cannot even see the scars around the eyes, they have faded.  Eyes look wider now. Can’t get over how the jaw line is so defined!



Everyone at work told me how great I looked and I looked so relaxed. Also that I have a natural glow and I looked so young. The injections came out so good, looks very natural. My eyes opened up even more.  My cousin and close friend said you did a beautiful job on me, they loved my breast lol!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I’m enjoying it!

Thank you!



Hello Dr. Fadi!!

All is super well and I’m quite happy with my results! I hope Texas is treating you well.

Talk soon.




Hi Dr.Constantine,

I wanted to wish you all the best with your business and I also wanted to thank you for being such a great Dr and most of all a great person. Always stay true to yourself because it’s hard to find doctors who are not just doing it for the money but actually care about the individual and have that person best interest at heart. Thanks again and please do not be a stranger because I wont!

All the best!



Hey Dr!

I wanted to wish you a very safe flight back to Texas…i’m so happy with how everything turned out with my surgeries. Thank you so much for changing my life! Funny how it works out..it was just you and your wife when u came to New York and now theres three of you! Lets keep in touch.. I’ll be visiting Texas in about 13 yrs for the follow surgery.



Hello Doc

I am fine! I’m at home intact ! I thank you so very much for allowing me to be your patient and all your care and advice regarding the procedure . I can already tell that you will be wonderful in your own practice and an asset to your field.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!



Hey Doc,

Everyone is complimenting my boobs. Im soooooo happy! Thanks to u . U have talent kid. I’m eternally grateful. Good luck with u r family & career Doc



Hi Dr. Constantine,

I am so glad that you wrote me. I always think to email you but never actually do. I am so HAPPY with the results from my surgery. I thank you everyday. Everything has been good so far, no complications or complaints.


I thought maybe you would be interested in reading the comment someone posted onrealself.com.  Bunch of my friends want to get work done now, and they’re all wishing you were still here. I’m telling you, your hands are like magic, and people are beginning to want a touch of your magic. 😉

It really looks good. I am happy with the overall results. I was not expecting it too look as good

as it does considering how challenging it was. I really do you think you did an awesome job. You should be proud of yourself because this was not an easy task. Your magical hands have done it again. Thanks Fadi!



Good morning,

So I’m getting ready this morning, doing my usual routine, and I realized just how much I love my boobs. Lol. Have I told you how much I love them?? Well,  I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!! Lol. I also love my belly of course, but I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!




Hope all is well in Texas.  I wanted to let you know that I went to Montreal for the weekend to visit friends.  They were both aware that I had undergone surgery and were extremely impressed by the results noting that it looked natural.