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Plastic surgeons must undergo thorough medical training in order to be able to practice in the United States. Although all plastic surgeons are required to complete extensive training, there is more to choosing a surgeon than simply knowing if they’re qualified and licensed.

Fellowship training is a type of residency that surgeons take in order to specialise in the field of plastic surgery. Any qualified physician can practice plastic surgery in the US but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fellowship trained.

The benefits of going to a fellowship trained plastic surgeon

  • A high degree of skill –
    Surgeons who are fellowship trained will have trained under highly qualified plastic surgeons and this experience means that they’re able to perform surgery with a high level of skill. Skill is extremely important when it comes to plastic surgery since a combination of artistry and science is required in order to get the best results.
  • Specialized training –
    Having trained in a subspecialty fellowship means that surgeons who are fellowship trained will have a lot of practical experience in their chosen specialty. Because of how complex and challenged plastic surgery can be, knowing the a surgeon is fellowship trained in plastic surgery in particular is a huge advantage.

Dr Constantine completed his Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, renowned for being one of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in the US. While completing his fellowship, he worked with renowned aesthetic surgeons, which gave him an invaluable insight into the craft and allowed him to learn and refine new techniques.