Dr. Constantine Blog

  1. Increased Sexual Satisfaction
    A top review of ThermiVa is that patients immediately feel more lubricated allowing them to have sex without pain or discomfort. Dryness during sex is not only uncomfortable but can be detrimental to your health by causing irritation and inflammation of the vaginal wall.  Though plenty of over-the-counter products promise relief in this department, these products may contain harsh chemicals that are unnatural and potentially harmful to your body.  Natural lubrication is the best lubrication!
  2. Heightened Self Esteem
    As women age and become mothers, vaginal skin tends to loosen and stretch. Women may shy away from sex in fear their bodies are not what they once were. Whether you are married or single, ThermiVa will will get you back in the bedroom and boost your confidence to a new level.  Your fear of intimacy will vanish and you will forget you were once hesitant to engage in sexual activities. A strengthened self esteem on the inside, improves your quality of life on the outside!
  3. Elevated Vaginal Blood Flow
    The ThermiVa procedure involves a small wand which is applied to the labial region of your vagina. The skin reacts by increasing the circulation of blood to this area.  More blood flow in your vaginal region leads to a heightened sensitivity that propels the intensity of orgasms. After the procedure, women frequently report an increase in both quantity and quality of their orgasms.
  4. Increased Collagen Production
    During ThermiVa treatment, the small wand used on your vagina sends radio frequencies to stimulate and increase collagen production.  Compare the collagen in your vagina to a cotton t-shirt.  Over time the cotton in a t-shirt can loosen and stretch when frequently worn.  However, when cotton is exposed to heat, such as a dryer or iron, the cotton tightens and returns to its original form.  Similarly, the radio-frequency applied during ThermiVa causes the collagen molecules to contract and strengthen.  The heat from the wand stimulates the collagen molecules forcing them to restructure and create new collagen, thickening the vaginal wall. Many women report the increased collagen allows for more friction during intercourse leading to an increase in vaginal orgasms.
  5. Improved Bladder Control
    As women age or give birth it is not uncommon to incur mild issues with urinary traction. ThermiVa is a terrific option for patients experiencing mild to moderate urinary incontinence or over-active bladder.  Women have reported a significant decrease in leaks that come with reasonable exercise, sneezing, or coughing.  However if you suffer from extreme urinary loss, you may need to speak with your doctor about stronger options.
  6. Immediate Visible Results
    Women report results and improvements appearing within hours. Results only further improve in the following weeks, with top results appearing after the third treatment.
  7. Zero Recovery Time Needed
    ThermiVa is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia so patients are able to engage in physical activity and sexual intercourse the same day as treatment.
  8. Be Part Of The Movement
    It is hard to shy away from ThermiVa when thousands of women are experiencing life changing results! As soon as you enjoy the immediate effects of ThermiVa, you will want to share the wisdom.  If your friends have not already gone through the procedure, they soon will.  The quantity of ThermiVa patients is skyrocketing and everyone from new mothers to top Hollywood celebrities are singing its praises.